Wed 1.2.1R2 out


I just built a release candidate of WorldEditor 1.2.1r2; if you work on airports, please try it and post a WED bug if something is really borked.

There are a few minor bug fixes, some usability tweaks, and two major ones:

The export format for sending zip files to Robin is modified to make things easier in the collection process.  For this reason, we’d like everyone submitting airports to go to WED 1.2.1.
The library view now hides the resources marked private or deprecated in X-Plane 10.25 or earlier.  So WED 1.2.1 and X-Plane 10.25 provide a much less cluttered library view.  (WED 1.3 will have a nice improvement to filtering as well.)

WED est un éditeur de scène pour Xplane, la version 1.2.1R2 corrige quelques bugs avec les librairies de xplane 10.25B1.
WED est un excellent outil qui permet de créer, modifier des aérodromes et aéroports,d’ajouter l’ATC, des polygones (sol, marquage, bâtiments, forêt, eau etc…).


Merci pour l’info :wink:


de rien Bertrand,

et en prime la 10.25B2

X-Plane 10.25 Beta 2 (DOA)

X-Plane 10.25 has a defect and will be replaced shortly with beta 3!

This build adds art file updates.

Global natural terrain improvements.
New urban textures added for dry climates.
Bogus library entries removed from KSEA demo area.
Global airport taxi sign typos fixed.
3WO renamed to KEZS. 

Bug fixes:

This build uses more modern code to launch the installer. The old code only crashed inside the installer itself, but we are trying to use the latest code everywhere. IF the app crashes trying to launch the installer (to check for updates) please let us know.


et la Beta 3

X-Plane 10.25 Beta 3

This fixes a missing file at KSEA in 10.25b2.


la version 1.2.1 RC3 vient de sortir corrigeant un bug sur les polygones, et incluant 970 aéroports,
mais surtout, la version finale ne va pas tarder: Hopefully this is the last RC and we can call WED 1.2.1 done shortly.