SYNAPSE A small word to receive our version beta


Hello to all,
We are happy to inform you that we began, some times ago, a new environment for Flight simulator whose purpose is to value the technologies, through an association.

The project names SYNAPSE, it contains numerous trump cards which will not miss to interest you:

  • An innovative, varied and evolutionary environment
  • An interactive scenario with numerous persons
  • Vehicles technologically advanced
  • Of other numerous surprising and fascinating things

Consider this joined the “préview” (and the forum). You will find information and photos there
A small word to receive a version beta :

Your printings and suggestions, do not hesitate, we thank you.

Thank you


Pour du futur,c’est du Futur,mais cela va donner quoi ???
J’attend de voir !
Je suis un vieux singe ( Pardon orang outang !!!)