[P3D2] Sortie de la mise à jour 2.1

(Richard) #1

Très attendue, la voilà enfin disponible ! Elle ne pèse que 130 Mo et est accessible dans l’espace de téléchargement du client. Une version P3D 2.1 complète est également mise à disposition.

Lien : http://www.prepar3d.com/news/2014/02/4845/

Voici ce qu’elle corrige et améliore:

[quote]Rendering, Performance, Backwards Compatibility, Weather and Clouds
Rendering Features Added

DirectX® 10 fallback hardware support for DisplayLink and other monitors
Dynamic shadows now can be enabled to render when you do not have tessellation (GPU Terrain) enabled
Further optimizations and enhancements to prevent microstutters that were reported
Further optimizations to the autogen and terrain paging system

Rendering/Performance Issues Resolved

Lessened the specular shine on terrain to help alleviate anti-aliasing on runways, roads and terrain
Fixed an issue where the HDR lighting feature could get into bad rendered states with extreme darkness
Lightened star and other reflections at night
Fixed an issue where Effect EffectParams didn’t turn off lights or effects
Fixed an issue where airport light beacons cast shadows
Fixed an issue where cloud and fog visibility was rendered at about half of what was set
Fixed an issue where terrain lighting and shadows could be in wrong direction
Fixed an issue where windsocks did not visibly change at all, always pointed North
Fixed a rendering issue where a white square was visible around the moon
Fixed an issue where boat wakes were not being rendered on certain AMD graphics cards
Fixed an issue where clouds could be seen through the horizon through thick fog
Fixed an issue where a black screen could occur with HDR Lighting feature enabled
Fixed an issue where a black screen could occur going in and out of fullscreen
Fixed a rendering issue where progressive taxi arrows were not rendering
Fixed a rendering issue where emissive objects were fogging inappropriately leaving artifacts on the sun and moon
Fixed an issue where the new dynamic shadows did not respect tiled textures
Fixed a large performance loss when main Prepar3D window did not have primary focus
Fixed a large performance loss when moving panel(s) to a second monitor
Resolved a few memory fragmentation issues

Additional Backwards Compatibility Features Implemented

Resolved a rendering issue where white boxes could be seen around Orbx FTX Global lights during the daytime
Resolved an issue where the Orbx FTX Global lights were not rendering along roads
Resolved an issue where Orbx FTX Global lights cast shadows
Resolved several legacy night apron/taxiway/runway approach lighting issues
Resolved an issue where custom photosceneries weren’t blending well with shorelines
Resolved an issue where light cone effects were rotating incorrectly about the z-axis
Resolved an issue where shadows and batches were rendering off on zero altitude batches

Weather and Cloud Issues Resolved

Fixed an issue where weather and cloud coverage issues with 7/8 in the UI not applying
Fixed an issue where cumulus type clouds received NO cloud bottoms from the cumulus01 bitmap
Fixed an issue where stratus and other clouds render at incorrect heights than what was set via the UI or SimConnect
Fixed an issue where only one texture from each cloud group was being used
Fixed an issue where during any WeatherSetObservation from SimConnect there was a “zero” altitude wind layer inserted at 75°C
Fixed an issue where in the basic weather UI, setting wind speed to none did not clear wind speed
Fixed an issue where rain and snow effects did not render across entire widescreen or multiple views
Fixed an issue where rain and snow effects did not render when moving locations within the same airport
Fixed an issue where temperature changes worked differently when set the same from SimConnect vs the in-simulation UI for non-GLOB observations

Additional Default Controller Profiles Added:

Saitek X52
Saitek X52 Pro
Saitek Rudder Pedals
Saitek Cessna Rudder Pedals
Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals
Saitek Pro Flight TPM System
Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke
Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel
Saitek Pro Flight Yoke
ThrustMaster T.160000M
ThrustMaster T.Flight Stick X
ThrustMaster T.Flight Hotas X
ThrustMaster Joystick – HOTAS Warthog
ThrustMaster Throttle – HOTAS Warthog
Redbird JAY Rudder Pedals
Wireless Controller (Playstation 4 Controller)

Controls Issues Resolved

Fixed an issue where joysticks could disconnect mid-flight on Windows 8
Fixed an issue where flights started with full throttle regardless of the vehicle’s throttle position
Fixed an issue where SimDirector control settings were not importing/exporting from the user interface
Fixed an issue where joysticks remapped for iSimObjects but the keyboard did not
Fixed an issue where imported control setting profiles got merged with existing settings instead of overwriting them

SimConnect and Software Development Kit (SDK)
Added Features

Added additional getters for new methods to the camera system

Bugs Resolved

Fixed an issue that prevented the included ExternalSim sample from working
Fixed an issue where the included Cabdir tool in the SDK was not working

Documentation Updates

The PDK Rendering documentation was overhauled and several examples were added
The SimDirector documentation was overhauled and several examples were added
Fixed an issue where ISimObjectAttachments.h was left out of the SDK
Made several clarifications to the weather documentation that was causing confusion
The Weapons documentation was clarified and updated and the weapons and targetting gauge was included as an SDK sample

SimConnect Issues Resolved

Fixed an issue where SimConnect value “ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY” cannot be written
Fixed an issue where SimConnect FlightLoad was not working with .fxml files

Professional Plus Bugs Resolved and Documentation Added

Resolved a crash when setting Health Points with an Int datatype
Fixed an issue where SimConnect exceptions where thrown when removing an AI Weapon entity
Fixed several rendering issues where attached weapons could render behind aircraft
The weapons documentation was clarified and updated
Include weapons and target gauge as an SDK sample

Updates to Included Air Vehicles

Internal stores added to the visual model. (AIM-9X, AIM-120C, GBU-31 and GBU-39)
Left and Right AIM-9 bays coded to be independent of each other. Now work on Exit 3 and 4
Right Afterburner flame effect now independent of the left afterburner
Elevator effectiveness reduced for more stable pitch authority
Roll effectiveness reduced for more stable roll authority
Increased airspeed overstress value to more realistic values
Various internal code changes made to on-board systems
Updated various audio elements

Dino Cattaneo F-35A

More responsive auto-pilot
New effects
New, more-detailed pilot
New textures
Addition of a 2-D panel

Additional Features, Crashes and Issues Resolved
Installer Optimizations

Resolved an issue where the installer would report that it could not write value to complete to key

Added Features

Reverse order of sorting on favorite and date/time on load flight screen
Scenario startup screen enhancements

Resolved Crashes Within Prepar3D

Resolved the reported ‘Pure Virtual Function Call’ crash with AI traffic enabled
Fixed several issues where the scenery library could be causing crashes
Fixed several instances where the flight planner was causing hard crashes
Fixed a crash caused by sending incorrect object names through SimConnect
Fixed a crash caused by running Prepar3D.exe with the -cfgdir command line option
Fixed a crash where addon aircraft with incorrect LUA code could cause a crash in select vehicle screen
Fixed a crash where virtual cockpit mip/mapping could cause crashes with vehicles that cannot re-initialize their gauges

Miscellaneous Issues Resolved

Fixed an issue where instruments could disappear when using multiple monitors
Resolved an issue where boat pitch could be rendered incorrectly
Resolved an issue where planes could bounce on runways
Resolved a memory leak with aircraft sounds not being freed if no sound devices are present
Resolved an issue where the Scenery Library allowed for duplicate folder entries
Resolved an issue where the Scenery Library had un-removable required=false scenery.cfg entries
Resolved UI rendering spacing and visibility issues in the fuel and payload UI screen
Resolved UI rendering spacing and visibility issues in the Facility UI screen
Resolved an issue where some graphic settings were not getting written out to profiles
Resolved an issue where sound settings and deviced selected did not save out to profiles
Resolved an issue where users could not hear DME (morse) ident sounds
Resolved and issue where weapon cameras would not go to static when the weapon detonates on impact
Resolved several texture.cfg spacing issues in included aircraft
Resolved an issue where clickspots in Virtual Cockpits weren’t working
Resolved an issue where under bathymetry dynamic water a user could switch from sub to aircraft and could end up in an infinite crash loop
Fixed a growing memory leak entering and exiting UI screens



Merci pour l’info! :wink:

A noter qu’à l’habitude de LM (enfin il me semble) :unamused: on ne donne pas toutes les infos: apparemment quelques uns ont connu des soucis d’update.
Donc soit repartir sur une install vierge et DLer le complet P3DV2.1, soit faire l’update sur du P3DV2.
Seulement dans ce dernier cas, il serait souhaitable d’effacer quelques entrées… et là bon courage (j’en ai de sûr viré 3 bonnes, par contre gros doute sur la 4ème… heureusement j’ai systématiquement fait des sauvegardes des dossiers que j’allais virer… et heureusement d’ailleurs):

prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingle … pic&t=5416

Donc en gros, virer tout ce qui se trouve dans ces 4 dossiers:

%PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2
%APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Prepar3D v2 Files

Mon souci :blush: évidemment en virant la 3ème entrée, plus de DLL.XML… et donc plus aucun prog tiers démarré… youpi!
J’ai donc manuellement rajouter tous les fichiers de l’ancienne sauvegarde sans écraser les nouveaux…

Décidément ce P3D me laisse toujours autant dubitatif… il est clairement dans la lignée des FS: un beau merdier…

Enfin bon…

(Richard) #3

Ben faire des installations à la mano n’a jamais été très propre. Ce n’est pas une spécialité FSX ou de P3D :laughing:
De toute façon, on gagne plus de temps en repartant d’une situation saine que de vouloir rattraper des situations bancales comme à l’âge d’or des portages foireux d’addons fs2002/fs9 dans fsx

(Richard) #4

Pour ce qui est de répertoires à virer, LM veut s’assurer que les casseroles qui se sont accumulés avec les addons tiers sont enlevés. Comme j’ai refait une install clean il y a un mois avec seulement des addons certifiés v2. Je n’ai pas eu souci avec le patch 2.1


Ben comme dit il vaut mieux prévenir que guérir! :mrgreen:

Ce qui m’étonne c’est qu’au final on propose ça en “support” sur le forum, alors qu’on n’a donné aucune info avec le dossier du patch: je ne sais pas, mais tant qu’à donne des infos, autant les donner jusqu’au bout, non? :unamused: bravo_)=

J’me sens bien parti pour tout virer et faire une réinstall propre, mais je vais en profiter pour tester tous les “trucs” pourris qui traînent dans mes cartons! :mrgreen:

(Richard) #6

J’ai procédé à deux installations. L’une avec le patch 2.0 vers 2.1, l’autre avec la 2.1 complète. Verdict: le patch mouline pendant un très long moment pour valider la config avant de se lancer et l’opération est plus longue qu’une désinstallation complète suivie d’une installation.
Le premier vol à nu pour initialiser les paramètres est très fluide et stable à 20 fps bloqué. Il est important de le faire pour toute nouvelle installation et ce, avant l’ajout des addons. Sans quoi, les installations qui suivent se planteront avec le message indiquant scenery.cfg introuvable

(Richard) #7

Je confirme la nécessité de bien effacer les répertoires indiqués par LM que ce soit pour le patch ou l’installation complète. Autrement, c’est plantage assuré vers le bureau après quelques secondes de vol sur une situation sauvegardée en 2.0 par exemple