Jaggy shadow in p3D

(Huy Khoa Nguyen) #1


I know this question has been asked many time before, but for me it is just not right for an application like p3D in this modern day has a jaggy shadow.

Today I found out that in Avatar Mode, the shadow on the wing and engine is PERFECT! just when I switch back to normal mode the jaggy shadow appears again.

I hope that LM can fix this or if this problem is already fixed, could you guys please help me out ? Thanks guys

Here is screenshots about the shadow in 2 modes :

In avatar mode : perfect shadow


In Normal mode:


(Richard) #2

This is a French spoken forum so you should ask your questions in French or else you have no much answer.
Please, take some minutes to introduice yourself. People appreciate that as it’s a free communauty of sharing information about flight sim

(Huy Khoa Nguyen) #3

Hi, Thanks for your reply,

That means if any question is not in french will not received any help ?
Although I understand this is a french forum, that rule seems a bit weird to me in this international flight sim community, I’m living in France but not fully french fluent speaking guy, so it is better for me to describe it in english.

No offense, but the thing i’m about to say might make you uncomfortable,
In my country, if anyone comes to my native languague forum, and ask in english, we would all welcome that member,
and answer as much as we can although english is not our native language, you should also be open to all kinds of members and languages,
that way your forum could be expanded further and bigger, in this modern day I feel it is a bit weird to ignore english as an international language.

I will try to communicate in french in this forum as much as I can, just some of my own opinions.

Sorry in advanced for any mis-understanding.


(Richard) #4

Some members speak english so I guess they can deal with you. As you are living in France, it’s a good opportunity to improve your French :slight_smile:

Concerning your problem, can you post bigger pictures ? You can use for example http://imgur.com/