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je voudrai savoir comment changez la couleur des fumigène pour les avion en possédant(ex: l’Alphajet je ne veux en aucun cas changez la couleur de ses fumigène).
Parce-que je me suis lançer dans la création de repaint et je voudrai mettre ma touche finale a ce foooouuuuuuuuussss projet mes je ne possède que le code des fumigène bleu, blanc, rouge et moi je voufrai les mettre vert et jaune et si c’est possible noir.

Merci de m’aidez



fais une recherche sur smoke
ceci sur avsim et flightsim.

tu trouveras tes réponses.



merci mais j’avais déjà cherchez mais ce ne me donne aucune reponce vu que ma question sa serai d’avoir le code a ajouter dans le dossier aircraft.

Code des fumigènes des alphajet
//smoke.0=-100.00, -11.00, -2.00, alphajet_r"rouge"
//smoke.1=-100.00, -11.00, -2.00, alphajet_w"blanc"
smoke.2=-100.00, -11.00, -2.00, alphajet_b"bleu"

Voila et moi je lezs voudrai jaune, vert et noir


cherche les fichiers suivant:


sur avsim ou alphasim : je ne me rappelle plus.

il y a toutes les couleurs






Dynamic Airshow Demonstration Smoke Effects

02-12-03 version 1.0


  1. Six translucent color choices:

    blue, green, orange, red, white, and yellow

  2. Three AC postion choices:

    port-wing, center-fuselage, and starboard-wing

  3. Dynamic rotation of smoke according to postion:

    wing vortex swirls and prop wash vectoring

  4. Four built-in “Y-offset” values from AC “zero” datum:

    +1, 0, -1, -2 ft., (and -3 ft. @ center only)

  5. Each effect filename is self-descriptive:

    fx_DEMO-2_cntr_YELLOW.fx = a yellow demo smoke
    for center position, 2 ft below AC “zero” datum


  1. The “DEMO_Effects” folder has 80 small (2KB) fx
    files: the best way is to put them all into the
    FS2002 “effects” folder…

  2. Below is an example of the [smokesystem] section of
    a typical aerobatic biplane aircraft.cfg file…

    With this method you can pause FS2002 in window view,
    edit the AC aircraft.cfg and save, then unpause FS,
    reselect the AC and fly with a different smoke color…

    This one below is set for port=red, center=white, and

//---- Adjust w/slashes & put “smoke.X” in order ----------
//----------------- Port Wing -----------------------------
smoke.0=0.0, -1.0, -9.90, fx_DEMO-2_port_RED
//smoke.0=0.0, -1.0, -9.90, fx_DEMO-2_port_WHITE
//smoke.0=0.0, -1.0, -9.90, fx_DEMO-2_port_BLUE
//smoke.0=0.0, -1.0, -9.90, fx_DEMO-2_port_GREEN
//smoke.0=0.0, -1.0, -9.90, fx_DEMO-2_port_YELLOW
//smoke.0=0.0, -1.0, -9.90, fx_DEMO-2_port_ORANGE
//--------------- Starboard Wing --------------------------
//smoke.1=0.0, -1.0, 9.90, fx_DEMO-2_starb_RED
//smoke.1=0.0, -1.0, 9.90, fx_DEMO-2_starb_WHITE
smoke.1=0.0, -1.0, 9.90, fx_DEMO-2_starb_BLUE
//smoke.1=0.0, -1.0, 9.90, fx_DEMO-2_starb_GREEN
//smoke.1=0.0, -1.0, 9.90, fx_DEMO-2_starb_YELLOW
//smoke.1=0.0, -1.0, 9.90, fx_DEMO-2_starb_ORANGE
//------------------- Center ------------------------------
//smoke.0=0.0, 0.0, 0.00, fx_DEMO-3_cntr_RED
smoke.2=0.0, 0.0, 0.00, fx_DEMO-3_cnrt_WHITE
//smoke.0=0.0, 0.0, 0.00, fx_DEMO-3_cntr_BLUE
//smoke.0=0.0, 0.0, 0.00, fx_DEMO-3_cntr_GREEN
//smoke.0=0.0, 0.0, 0.00, fx_DEMO-3_cntr_YELLOW
//smoke.0=0.0, 0.0, 0.00, fx_DEMO-3_cntr_ORANGE

  1. Smoke coordinates are “Y”(doesn’t work!), “Z”, and “X”;
    “Y” coords should always be zero, others can be edited
    for a particular AC…this is why “Y-offset” is used in
    the effect files.

  2. Below are versions from other aircraft.cfgs:

    GMAX P-51 ‘Reno’ Mustang(Orig. design by Roger L. Dial.
    Flight Dynamics © Steve Small FSD. Sounds © Mike Hambly):

smoke.0=0.0, -15.0, 0.0, fx_DEMO-1_cntr_RED

Siai Marchetti SF260 (by RealAir Simulations ™):

smoke.0=0.0, -5.0, -13.0, fx_DEMO_port_RED
smoke.1=0.0, -5.0, 13.0, fx_DEMO_starb_BLUE
//smoke.2=0.0, -16.0, 0.0, fx_DEMO-1_cntr_WHITE

Default Extra-300:

smoke.0=0.0, -2.0, -13.0, fx_DEMO_port_RED
smoke.1=0.0, -2.0, 13.0, fx_DEMO_starb_BLUE

Default Camel:

smoke.0=0.00, -16.00, 0.00, fx_DEMO-1_cntr_RED

  1. Copy any of the above to the AC aircraft.cfg to start,
    then edit coordinates as required…

Other Notes:

  1. The lines below can be included temporarily in the AC
    [smokesystem] to help locate coordinates, as they are
    visible blue lights…

    This is for perfectionists like me who want the effects
    to be located exactly:)

    Open the referenced fx files with Notepad to see where
    the “Y-offset” is adjusted…

//smoke.1=0.0, -1.0, 9.90, fx_smoke_COORD_wing_Tester
//smoke.0=0.0, 0.0, 0.00, fx_smoke_COORD_cntr_Tester

  1. For ICFX Radial Engine start-up effects users: Revised
    and improved version coming soon…

Totally freeware…

By Jan Rosenberg, aka “JR” and “I.Candymaker”

Comments are welcome!


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