Fsearthtiles [tuto]


Bon google c’est vraiment des !!@XX;!@ !!!

Ils ont complètement changé leur système de coordonnée des tuile. Du coup même en rentrant la nouvelle adresse, FSET ne sait plus le système de coordonnée et du coup il faudrait carrément le reprogrammer!

Du coup je sens que je vais me rabattre sur Tileproxy!


tu seras encore plus frustré car ces pingoins de gogol ont interdit à CB d’utiliser leurs images via TP .


Oui ça je l’avais lu aussi mais c’est ce qui faisais encore pencher la balance en faveur de FSET. Maintenant qu’ils sont sur un pied d’égalité c’est TP qui l’emporte.




Bjrà tous,

je suis nouveau et je débute sur FSET et en parcourant le forum, je me rends compte que la configuration du fichier d’initialisation est primordiale pour obtenir les images satellites et/ou aériennes.

Quelqu’un pourrait il me dire où récupérer les lignes de configurations qui fonctionnent ?

merci par avance.


Je vais t’envoyer un copier coller de mon FsearthTiles.ini (le service 1 de google ne fonctionne plus, adresse plus bonne)

C’est le fichier ini pour FsearthTiles

lien pour télécharger celui-ci si tu ne l’as pas:


Essai le service 2, je viens de le tester cela fonctionne.

[color=#0000FF]# FS Earth Tiles Pre Version V1.0 HB-100, July 2008

*. you need to replace this with a service base address.

%s In the URL %s is the placeholder for the later on service access filled in Tile code

hint: Check Tile Proxy Project forums to figure out working service configurations

Also mind that a service URL often contains a map version number that you should update from time to time (try and err)

check the user documentation (UserDocu.rtf) for help with the parameters in this file



Earth Services have copyright on their material! That means you may not distribute sceneries you create that includes such material!

You are also not really allowed to download such material and use it in FS or elsewhere without the permission of the services.

Also note that some services will not like you accessing their informations in this for them uncontrolled way

and temporary block and ban you.


#— Services Configuration — # you can add up to 9 Services entries

ServiceCodeing = qrts
ServiceUrl = khm0.google.com/kh?t=t"target="_blank"target="_blank%s&n=404&v=1000 #you need to replace the * with a service base url (universal map version v=1000)
#Referer = khm0.google.com/“target=”_blank"target="_blank #optional,you can try with and without this to establish a connection
#UserAgent = Mozilla/4.0 #optional, alternatives: MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; or any fictional name
ServerVariations = khm0,khm1,khm2,khm3 #Server variations that all have to contain the same Tiles

ServiceCodeing = 0123
ServiceUrl = a1.ortho.tiles.virtualearth.net/tiles/a"target="_blank"target="_blank%s.jpeg?g=172 #you need to replace the * with a service base url
#Referer = a1.ortho.tiles.virtualearth.net"target="_blank"target="_blank #optional (older versions g=104, g=52)
#UserAgent = Mozilla/4.0 #optional
ServerVariations = a0,a1,a2,a3 #Server variations that all have to contain the same Tiles

ServiceCodeing = xyz
ServiceUrl = us.maps3.yimg.com/aerial.maps.yimg.com/img"target="_blank"target="_blank?%s&v=1.8&t=a # You need to replace both groups of *.
#Referer = us.maps3.yimg.com"target="_blank"target="_blank # (old versions v=1.7, v=1.5)
#UserAgent = Mozilla/4.0

ServiceCodeing = qrts
ServiceUrl = kh0.******.***/kh?t=t"target="_blank"target="_blank%s&n=404&v=26 #you need to replace the * with a service base url
ServerVariations = kh0,kh1,kh2,kh3 #Server variations that all have to contain the same Tiles (old versions v=24, v=20)

[ProxyList] #if you want to use proxies (web/http) add them here
direct #use the word “direct” in the List to mark a connection without Proxy
# #local proxy (example for TOR net)
# #external proxy example
#direct #you may enter the same Proxies more than one time in this list if you like
# #Use the next button to change cycle throughthe proxy list manualy. (note original I planed a proxy change automatisation but didn’t implement it at the end)

#—FS Earth Tiles Start up default values—


WorkingFolder = D:\FSEarthTiles\work #working space folder.
SceneryFolder = D:\FSX\Addon Scenery\FSEarthTiles #scenry folder. Note it stores the files in the texture and scenery Sub-folder (also creates any missing folders)

DownloadResolution = 1 #-4…8
StartWithService = Service2
SelectedSceneryCompiler = FSX #choose: FSX or FS2004
AreaSnap = Off #Off/LOD13/LatLong/Tiles/Pixel, IMPORTANT: Select LOD13 for FS2004 to avoid water borders!
CreateAreaMaskBmp = Yes #if Yes Area Mask Bitmap will be created that are used for Blend and Water and Seasons. (note FS2004 does not know blend)
CompileScenery = Yes #Yes = Compile the Scenery, No = Download the Area only.
AutoReferenceMode = 1 # 1…4 only active if AreaSnap is not off
# 1 = match exact Area Dimensions, 2 = allow to go one large, 3 = maximum freedom in going larger (largest areas simular to Area Snap Off), 4 = divide into single units

Zoom = 4 # -4…18

AreaDefinitionMode = 1Point #1Point / 2Points
AreaSizeX = 1 #[nm] Usage of this value depends on your AreaDefinitionMode setting (used on 1Point)
AreaSizeY = 0.6 #[nm] Use point for broken numbers here such as 1.5 or 0.75 no matter what language setting you use
CenterLatitude = 44deg 25min 00sec north #Usage of this value depends on your AreaDefinitionMode setting (used on 1Point)
CenterLongitude = 8deg 51min 00sec east
NorthWestCornerLatitude = 44deg 25min 00sec north #Usage of this value depends on your AreaDefinitionMode setting (used on 2Points)
NorthWestCornerLongitude = 8deg 51min 00sec east
SouthEastLatitude = 44deg 25min 00sec north #Usage of this value depends on your AreaDefinitionMode setting (used on 2Points)
SouthEastLongitude = 8deg 51min 00sec east

#-- Additional Settings –
TextureUndistortion = PerfectHighQualityFSPreResampling # choose: Off/Good/Perfect/PerfectHighQualityFSPreResampling. It corrects the texture to ensure accuracy on large areas and in best mode it heavy improves FSCompiler result but costs a lot memory
# Off -> Not recommended (inaccurate on large areas)
# Good -> Fast with Good Quality, small Memory usage
# Perfect -> Remarkable slower but perfect accuracy, small Memory usage
# PerfectHighQualityFSPreResampling -> Increase of Texture Quality through Pre-Resampling (Doing FS’s job, just with much more quality result). Heavy Memory usage (6 times more). As slows as Undistortion Perfect.

FSPreResampleingAllowShrinkTexture = Yes # Yes = Shrink the Texture on resampling instead enlarging. That generates one LOD Level less. Saves HD and memory space. Sharper but less Antialiasing effect. (only aktive if TextureUndistortion = PerfectHighQualityFSPreResampling)
FSPreResampleingShrinkTextureThresholdResolutionLevel = 3 # Textures with selected Resolution Level less or equal this values becomes shrink instead enlarged. Usefull if HD space is limited to get the maximum quality for the highest LOD.
# Example. The Default value 3 means: Dl Res 3 was earlier converted to one LOD up: LOD14, and with this it will be shrinked/converted in LOD13 (which match more with the table on the GUI). Dl Res 4 will still be converted upward to LOD13 (only active if FSPreResampleingAllowShrinkTexture = Yes)

Brightness = -6.0 #[percent] Texture Color Enhancement. Brighness is best set to BrighnessValue = - 0.5 * ContrastValue;
Contrast = +12.0 #[percent] Texture Color Enhancement.

DownloadFailTimeOut = 1800 #Time out in seconds. If connection breaks and the tile flow stops this is the time after which the download attempts stops.
MaxDownloadSpeed = 20 #Max download Speed in Tile per Seconds [Tile/Sec]. You can enter broken values like 0.1. One Tile is about 12kByte in transfear. 20 Tile/Sec is max (Internal hardcoded speed limit for fairness reason)

MaxMemoryUsageFactor = 1.0 #Factor of Maximum of Memory Usage of detected allocable texture memory. (there is already a 5% marging).
WebBrowserRecoverTimer = 15 #[sec] If the WebBrowser Tile flow stops due not accessible pages or redirected or user interruptuions etc the flow is auto restarted after this time

WebBrowserNoTileFoundKeyWords = Not Found,HTTP Error 404,Bad Request #If a WebPage with any of this KeyWords are found (seperated with comma) instead a Tile, The No Tile Found Tile will be used. (else it tries again and again and again…endless…a WebBrowser only problem…(no proper HTTP error msg accessable or I found none)).
#Note that the Words used here are Service dependent. Also make sure there is no collision with the Windows internal Page if connection breake. The Wordsyou use should not apear on the Windows connection lost info page else you get No Tile Founds on connection breake also which we don’t want.

#— Yes/No Switches –
UseCSharpScripts = No #If yes then the Scripts will be loaded and usesd.
KeepAreaInfFile = Yes #if Yes then this keeps the Area.inf File (used for FS scenery compilation with resample.exe with no Water or Season Masks)
KeepAreaMaskInfFile = Yes #if Yes then this keeps the AreaMasks.inf File (used for FS scenery compilation with resample.exe with Water Masks)
KeepAreaMaskSeasonInfFile = Yes #if Yes then this keeps the AreaMasksSeasons.inf File (used for FS scenery compilation with resample.exe with Season Masks (and water))
KeepAreaEarthInfoFile = Yes #if Yes then this keeps the AreaEarthInfo.txt File (used for Water and Season creation) required input file for FSEarthMasks
KeepSourceBitmap = Yes #if Yes then this keeps the Area.bmp File (This is the original downloaded and assembled Area.bmp and is required for FSEarthMasks and scenery compilation with Area.inf)
KeepSummerBitmap = Yes #if Yes then this keeps the AreaSummer.bmp File (used in AreaMask.inf for scenery compilation with Water/Season Masks. Can be recreated through FSEarthMasks)
KeepMaskBitmap = Yes #if Yes then this keeps the AreaMask.bmp File (used in AreaMask.inf for scenery compilation with Water/Season Masks. Can be recreated through FSEarthMasks)
KeepSeasonsBitmaps = Yes #if Yes then this keeps the Various Season Bitmaps Files (used in AreaMask.inf for scenery compilation with Water/Season Masks. Can be recreated through FSEarthMasks)
FS2004KeepTGAs = Yes #choose: Yes or No (you will find them in the \yourscenery\texture\TgaSourceFiles folder)
UseInformativeAreaNames = Yes #No -> Area.bmp, Yes -> Area_Lp2_SnapLatLong_N042470000_N042400000_E010050000_E010170000.bmp
ShuffleTilesForDownload = Yes #if you want the Tiles to be shuffeled downloaded instead in plain order
ShuffleAreasForDownload = No #if you want the Areas to be shuffeled downloaded instead in plain order
AutoStartDownload = No #Automatical starts the download on application start
AutoExitApplication = No #Automatical exits the application after the work is done
OpenWebBrowsersOnStart = No #Yes = Right open the WebBrowser Engine on Start of the Application.
ShowDisplaySelector = No #Yes = shows the Display mode selector with the 2 modes Free/Tile. Usually of no use except for study/debug.
SuppressPitchBlackPixels = No #Yes = All absolut black Pixels color(0,0,0) will be transformed into color(0x01,0x01,0x01) pixels.
CompileWithAreaMask = Yes #Yes = Compiles the Scenery by useing AreaMasks (AreaFS…MasksInfo.inf) . Should best stay on yes. (only active when CreateAreaMaskBmp = Yes)

#— FS compiler —
UseLODLimits = Yes #Set to Yes to aktivate FSET’s minimum destination LOD creation logic. (effects FSX only)
MinimumDestinationLOD = 13 #Generates at least LOD’s up to this LVL to avoid FS default scenery comeing through. Only active when UseLODLimits = Yes
CompressionQuality = 100 #FS default is 100%. Some like 80 better to generate smaller bgl’s on cost of teh quality.

#— FS Compilers —
FSXSceneryCompiler = resampleFSXSP2.exe
FS2004SceneryCompiler = resampleFS2004.exe
FS2004SceneryImageTool = imagetoolFS2004.exe #if missing the FS2004 compilation stops with the .tga’s (no complete FS2004 executable scenery!)

#— FS Earth Masks —
FSEarthMasksTool = FSEarthMasks.exe

#— Earth Masks Config —
CreateWaterMaskBitmap = Yes # yes = create Water/Blend Mask. (An Area Vectors file (.Kml or .svg) is required for this!)

CreateSummerBitmap = No # yes = create Summer Texture * Important! -> *, A summer Texture is required when you want to work with FSEM’s Color Adaption for Water Regions.

CreateNightBitmap = No # yes = create Night Texture
CreateSpringBitmap = No # yes = create Spring Texture
CreateAutumnBitmap = No # yes = create Autumn Texture (Thomas M. routines check FSEM Scripts)
CreateWinterBitmap = No # yes = create Winter Texture (Thomas M. routines check FSEM Scripts)
CreateHardWinterBitmap = No # yes = create Hard Winter Texture (Thomas M. routines check FSEM Scripts)

BlendBorders = No # yes = auto blend Borders (Blend-Transition) of an (Multi-)Area

#— Third Party Tools —
UseAreaKMLFile = Yes #yes = an AreaKML.kml File is expected in the Work Folder used for Water and Blend Vectors. You need to create that File in advance!
UseScalableVectorGraphicsTool = No #yes = Starts the SVG Tool for every Downloaded Area (Only if CreateAreaMaskBmp is on)
ScalableVectorGraphicsTool = D:\Inkscape\inkscape.exe #Used for Drawing Water and Blend Vectors creating a .SVG File[/color]


merci beaucoup…



J’ ai besoin d’ aide dans mon fichier TEXTURE j’ ai un seul BMP il est nommer :AreaThumbnail_Lp0_SnapLOD13_N043194828_N043190873_E005204805_E005251172

alors que sur ce lien : f-bmpl.com/index.php?option= … &Itemid=58"target="_blank . Il on a plusieurs comment faire ?

Je suis sur Fsx

Merci D’ avance



Quelqu un aurait la manip pour faire une zone en plusieurs parties, car les images relatives à ça sur le tuto, ont disparues, donc je ne vois que “appuyez là” “faites comme ci” mais plus d images qui montrent sur le logiciel ce qu il faut faire.

Merci !



Pour Fra 242
Allez sur le site de Filipo, F BMPL , Page France X, créer sa scène.

Sinon, il faut définir une petite zone, puis cliquer sur auto et agrandir la zone en tirant sur un angle, et vous aurez plusieurs zones en téléchargement automatique.

il faut relire le tuto
Le Thumbnail ne sert à rien, juste de photo de sauvegarde


Bonjour a tous ,
J’ai récemment utilisé FSET avec Google pour avoir la réunion en 0.5m/pixel , a ce niveau la tout va bien.
Mais il y a un problème que je ne sait régler , l’ile de la réunion par défaut de FSX apparait et me gâche tout car elle est hors du Water Mask sur certaines parties , bon mieux qu’un long discours une photos :

Si quelqu’un peut m’aider , car ça me bousille ma scène…

@+ sur les forums de Libertysim.



je ne comprend pas .

Fsearth tile travaille sur des zones rectangulaires ou carrées si mes souvenirs sont bons .

il faut donc procéder par multiples répétitions de zones pour couvrir toute l’île et effacer le décor générique de fs , qui , il faut bien le dire ,
ressemble à tout , sauf à la Réunion !


Le problème est au niveau des côtes en fait , celles d’origine “sortent” sous les images satellites…
Je pense avoir la solution grâce a ce que tu as dit red cloud , si je crée une zone assez vaste pour couvrir l’ile d’origine elle devrait disparaitre théoriquement mais est ce que le fait que j’ai fait un détourage avec GE , ne posera pas problème? car fsx fera apparaitre ce qu’il y avait originalement à la place non?
Voila une image du probleme (les cotes) :


Peut être pb du au déroutage en effet .


C’est bon problème réglé grâce a SBuilder X!
Ça donne super maintenant avec ma mesh perso Lod9 et les textures 0.5m/pixel :mrgreen:


bonsoir, je rencontre un problème,

j’arrive a télécharger les scènes mais pas à les installer dans mon fsx, elle n’apparait pas en vol libre

que Faire ?


Tu dois déclarer dans FSX le dossier où se trouve tes scènes


Peut tu donner plus de précision S’il te plait.



Lors de ta création des tuiles avec fsearthtiles elles se metent dans un dossier X par exemple: [C://programme/FSET/dossier/(la](C://programme/FSET/dossier/(la"target="_blank) tu as la liste de tout les fichiers extrait d’FSET.
Ensuite tu démarre fsx tu vas dans bibliothèque des scènes,ajouter une scène,puis tu cherche le dossier,dans mon exemple: C://programme/FSET/dossier/
Tu cliques ajouter et tu attends que sa aie finit de charger puis tu démarre ton vol dans fsx au lieu couvert par a scène


Salut à tous,

j’aimerais aussi de quelques explications pour bien m’y remettre. De mon côté le serveur virtual earth ne fonctionne pas, par le service 3 fonctionne.

J’aimerai des infos pour me rafraîchir la mémoire sur la taille des tuiles, je me suis mis en lod13 sous fsx, je télécharge des tuiles en résolution 2 pour couvrir une large zone (et conserver un bon rapport qualité d’image / performance fsx).

La mémoire sollicitée est de 56 mb, et la taille de mes area est un peu prise au hasard en ce moment c’est 56 nm x 6,4 nm est-ce que ça va ?

Edit : un dernier petit point pour les spécialistes. Je sauvegarde au fur et à mesure mon espace de travail (les tuiles téléchargées). Est-il possible au cas où de ré-executer FSET pour créer la scène finale mais sans qu’il ait besoin de télécharger à nouveau les tuiles ?

Merci d’avance zen_=)