A2A Accu-Sim mise à jour 17.01.17 (T6, Comanche,

(Vincent BAZILLIO) #1

J’avais râté cette mise à jour du 17 janvier. Elle concerne Accu-Sim Core, le T-6, le Comanche, le Cessna 182 et 172.

[quote]5/9/2016 - 1/17/2017 CHANGES:
Accu-Sim Core:

  • P-51: Fixed gear locks breaking when pulling the emergency hydraulic release and extending gear
    (remember the updater will show the P-51 as already being updated because this change was made to the shared core Accu-Sim)


  • Corrected nav fail when radio is off
  • Fixed rudder trim animation
  • Fixed rear exit clickspot
  • 2D Controls: Rear canopy switch
  • Fixed NAV/GPS switch initialization


  • Fixed nosewheel steering when retracted
  • Fixed error in Comanche drag
  • HSI compatible with Mindstar GPS

Cessna 182:

  • Fixed COM preprogrammed channels not saving properly.
  • Fixed HSI rotating during tow even when battery is off

Cessna 172:


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