64-bit XSquawkBox


64-bit XSquawkBox is here.http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xsb/2013/11/xsquawkbox-64-bit-windows-and-mac/
XSquawkBox vient de sortir en 64bits, il permet le vol en réseau. Pour les amateurs de vol réseau, c’était attendu en 64bits afin d’utiliser xplane 10 pleinement en 64bits.

Huge thanks to Wade for getting the beta going, and to Christian for writing brand new Mac audio support!
Besides being big news for VATSIM users (who were stuck in 32-bit land from now on), 64-bit support is a great fit for XSB because it uses a lot of memory for CSLs, and thus was never very happy as a 32-bit plugin.

This announcement is just that; an announcement. XSquawkBox is not a Laminar Research product. Please do not report bugs to us (Laminar Research). Thanks!
Update: Wade says that this build is time-limited. This is the first public build; he’ll release a time-unlimited build once he’s sure he has the bugs out. So think of this as a public beta.