10.31 out


la 10.31 vient de sortir avec ces nouveautés et correction de bugs:

[b]X-Plane 10.31 Release Notes

X-Plane 10.31 is a bugfix release that addresses known issues of the 10.30 major releaseand introduces a new level of USB keys for professional installations.
New USB keys for professional projection setups

X-Plane 10.31 supports all of the newest USB keys for professional X-Plane setups. Professional USB keys sold in the future will require X-Plane 10.31 or newer.
Bug fixes

Fixed missing taxiways at YMML and others.  This was caused by a change to airport rendering combined with bad data; 1025′s rendering has been restored.  See this post.
Fixed corrupt drawing when HDR and Instructor Station on Second Screen are used at the same time.  This bug affected Windows and Linux.
The Linux version no longer requires libudev.so.0
Fixed toe brake axis assignments not working after re-start
Saving a situation with the avionics power switch off now correctly restores without failing all avionics equipment
Fixed X-Plane crashing on Windows on first start after renaming the installation folder
After selecting an approach on the new GPS, the WPT page no longer force-captures the cursor
Corrected coefficients for the right nav light – this fixes some airplanes where the green nav light became invisible
Fixed panel editor scrolling bug in Plane Maker
Commands added for panel designers: “sim/instruments/EFIS_page_up” and “sim/instruments/EFIS_page_dn”
All executables for Mac are now code-signed to be compatible with GateKeeper on OSX 10.9.5 and 10.10
Slider UI dataref field fixed in Plane-Maker



la 10.31R2 est sortie, elle corrige quelques bugs.

(Richard) #3

Merci Thierry. Si tu as le temps, pourrais-tu stp nous faire un petit layus dans la section XP sur cette version pour partager ton ressenti ainsi que tes critiques :slight_smile:


concerne surtout MaoOsX: The OS X code signing was pretty badly munged – fixed now. Note that 10.31 and older are still signed with older code signing technology and may trigger warnings on newer versions of OS X. The newest code signing will be deployed in a future patch.

Une version 10.35 est en préparation, avec des corrections de bugs, de performances, et l’ajout d’aéroports génériques (construits façon"Lego" par des utilisateurs).

La critique, reste toujours la même pour moi, c’est un ATC toujours pas abouti. Pour le reste, beaucoup de plugins améliorent le visuel du simu.